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Welcome to my blog. I plan on posting about a wide range of topics related to Christianity.  Some of these include...

  1. end time views, end time eschatalogy, end time prophecy, end time news, end time apocalypse, left behind, the rapture, pre tribulation rapture, mid tribulation rapture, post tribulation rapture, pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, Tim LaHaye's The Rapture, etc.
  2. biblical prophecy
  3. general Christian doctrine, and various other Christ centered topics.  

I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to join in the discussion of my blog entries, by posting comments.

In Love,
In Yashua,
Trenton D. Adams

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  1. Hey Trenton, none of my logs seen to be going thru again.



  2. Hi,
    I’ve read your account of the Todd Bently revival and had a question or two maybe you or others would be willing to share…
    1. Are there any food restrictions or rules when you attend his revivals? As in special foods help you receive the Holy Spirit better than others, etc.
    2. Were there places to eat, vendors inside the revival along with the book and CD sales or did you have to leave to eat?
    3. Were you told not to eat, fast, only drink water, etc.

    I’m trying to help someone who attended and the stories are pretty wild surrounding food; I haven’t heard about this as a part of the revival.

  3. I am having trouble sending posts, i tried today but it disappears even though i type the code in, could you help

    • Is there a specific error message you are getting? This one went through okay.

    • Joyce, I found your comments. They got lost in the spam filter. Sorry about that, sometimes the spam filter picks up stuff that isn’t really spam! They should be posted now. :)

  4. Hi Joyce,

    The captcha system can be difficult to know what it is saying. If that happens, just try again. make sure you copy your text before hand though, so that you don’t lose it. For now, seeing the spam detection system seems to be working well, I’m going to disable the captcha, and see what happens.


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